Re: Drag-n-drop for dummies

January Weiner 3 <jweiner1 ix urz uni-heidelberg de> writes:

      I started reading about drag-n-drop... oh my. This is just too much
      for my little brain. I just want a simple thing: I have a text
      area, and I want the user to be able to drop just any text file
      into that widget. As simple as that. Where should I start? Does
      anybody have a code snippet I could use? Or is there some
      "Drag-n-drop for dummies" document somewhere available? Just give
      me a hook, I will handle it. The gtk documentation, however, I do
      not understand.

I think Donna Martin's "21 days" book covers it.

      Next, an even more naive question. I do not use GNOME. I do not use
      KDE. I use icewm. How can I try out whether my d-n-d works? :-)

DND has nothing to do with GNOME/KDE, it's totally separate and will
be just the same under icewm.

I guess the problem is you want to accept file drops from the file
manager and aren't running a file manager? How about start up a file
manager during debugging? ;-)

Use a bogus user and Xnest if you can't handle it on your own
account. ;-)


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