Changing the font in single menuitems

I'm trying to write an application for
computing minimal distinctive
features of natural classes (as you
can see this is related to phonology).
Therefore I need to change the font
used by single menu items to xipa.
I tried it with some code like this:
-------- cut ----------
for (i = 0; i < 28; i++) {
    buf[0] = obstruents[i];
    buf[1] = '\0';

    menuitems = gtk_menu_item_new_with_label(buf);
    ipastyle = gtk_widget_get_style(menuitems);
    ipastyle->font = gdk_font_load(IPAFONT);
    gtk_widget_set_style(menuitems, ipastyle);
    gtk_menu_append(GTK_MENU(menu), menuitems);
-------- cut ----------

But this changes the font of the
whole application.

Does anybody know a way to
change font for single widgets
(beside text widgets where this
problem seems solvable)?

BTW I'm using gtk Version
1.2.10 (latest deb package
from ximian).

Any ideas or do I have to use
PNG's of the phonetic symbols
(might be a good approach as

Best Regards,
Sebastian Zerbe

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