menubar question

hi there,

i have a menubar on an app which includes the following line:

        GtkWidget *filew;
        filew = gtk_file_selection_new ("File selection");


        static GtkItemFactoryEntry menu_items[] = {
          { "/_File",         NULL,         NULL,          0, "<Branch>" },
          { "/File/_New",     "<control>N", hello,         0, NULL },
          { "/File/_Open",    "<control>O", ShowWidget,    0, NULL },

i'd like to open a file browser if the user clicks "file | open" on the
menubar.   the problem is that i'm not sure how to show the widget from here.

i have a function:

        void ShowWidget(GtkWidget *widget)

which i plan on using things that are transient like pop-up windows and a
file browser.  i'd like to pass *filew to ShowWidget().  the problem is, i'm
not sure how to pass arguments to the callbacks listed in GtkItemFactory.

i just started learning about gtk this morning.  any help would be


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