Shutting X down.


First, i want to thanks everyone for answering my previous questions so quickly
(even if some of 'em were dumb questions).

So here we go for another one :   ;)

I want to shut the X server down...   I've been seeking around on the web but
with no success.  A jump in KDE and Gnome code gave me some hints but
i tried to code it with no real success...

The best I've done so far was to segfault the server by calling an unknown
function.  Well... it did shut down ! :)

Any Gnome coders know a bit about this issue ?

Thank you,

Stephane Duguay
Software Designer stagiaire
Matrox Graphics Inc.

E-Mail : sduguay matrox com
Tel. : (514) 822-6000 ext. 7331
Fax : (514) 685-7030

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