I'm trying to port the zvt widget from gnome over to Windows.  In the
process of doing so, I removed all of the font stuff since Windows doesn't
have the X11 font calls and I think the GTK doesn't offer similar font
information as of yet.  Instead of using fonts, I've created a XBM of a font
and would like to create a bitmap (have done) and then draw the bitmap onto
the window using a given foreground and background, both different each time
a char is drawn due to the nature of the zvt widget.

Ok, my question.  How do I draw a bitmap?  Every time I draw one, I get a
strange error which I've tracked down to color depth problems.  I've moved
over to a pixmap with the same color depth as the display and it works,
however, I cannot change the color of the font anymore.  Any ideas?

Thank you!

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