Toolbar in paned view overlaps other widgets ?

Hi everybody,

i've got a visual problem in an application i wrote in gtk. I've created a GtkHPaned widget, 2 frames and 
packed them. 
To each frame i attached a vbox-widget. The vbox-widget contains a toolbar, a clist (which is attached to a 
scrolled window) and a statusbar. 

If i resize the paned frame and the width is smaller than the width of the toolbar attached to it, the 
toolbar is shown also in the second paned view, the overlapping area is not hidden or something like that.

Of course, i can put the Toolbar in a scrollwindow, but i think this doesn't look nice. Can i create some 
type of scrollwindow without the scrollbars, and use some arrows at left and right of the toolbar/scrolled 
window to scroll the toolbar to left or right ? I don't really know how i can write such widget...

Can anybody help me with this problem ?



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