Re: Put text in a textwidget from main.c (using Glade)

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 08:10:32PM +0100 Magnus-swe wrote:


Im having trouble finding an answer on inserting text in an already
created Textwidget from Main.c
Using Glade.

I have no trouble putting text in the textbox from callbacks.c, but i
want it done when the application starts

i also want to know how to put some text in an entrywidget in the same

This the code that gets the text wich i want to set in the textbox

FILE *file = fopen("MasqFire-Table", "r");
char buffer[1024];
if (!file] return -1;
while (fgets(buffer,  1024, file)!=NULL)

//printf(  buffer );

fclose ( file );

An example would be nice :)

// Magnus-swe

int main(...)

  win = create_main_window();


void setup_text_widgets() 

  // maybe first clear the text widget

  // open file

  // load file into text widget  
  while (line = read_line_from_file())
    gtk_text_insert(gtk_text, ...., line);

  // close file and do something else

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