Help understanding GtkType


I would like to understand the GtkType better in relation to class

I need/want to implement some code to handle choosing and creating an
input widget based upon a description of the input needs. I need to do
this in order to support a plugin architecture where plugins may have
unique configuration requirements. The API set we are building for the
UIs has ideas based on the SANE option descriptors.

So for example, I want to have a decision table that says for a boolean
input value I choose a GtkCheckButton. For a integer numeric input with
a constraint such as a range from 1 to 100, I would choose a GtkHScale
and so on.

I am not sure but as I organize and pack the structures, I may need to
know the widget class type in order to make class specific method calls.

How can I tell, hopefully with a numeric id, that the widget is a


Luciano Chavez

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