Re: GDK bug

Carlos Pereira <carlos pehoe civil ist utl pt> writes:
put a printf statement in your configure_event callback,
it will be printed only when you change the size of
the window. Moving the window around, even minimizing the 
window or touching the resize tool in the WM decorations 
will not trigger the configure_event. Of course it will be 
triggered if you maximize the window. I just tried all of 
these operations myself with 3 different WMs.

So basically this is a no-problem, you don't need to do
nothing, your rendering will be done ONLY when resizing
actually occurs.

Are you connecting to configure_event on a toplevel window or a
drawing area?

When you move the toplevel, the position of the child widgets is
considered unchanged (because they are positioned relative to the

For me, moving the toplevel sends configure_event for the toplevel.


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