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My two cents to this conversation:

I had a user of a tool I wrote tell me that he couldn't get the mouse to
scroll using the wheel. It turned out he was running the app on
Exceed..... So I'd just like to point out (in case anyone wodered) that
Exceed V6.X does not have the ability to pass the wheel mappings through
their server.
Anyway like I said, just in case someone was wondering....

Havoc Pennington wrote:

teekay <tony kwok 3web net> writes:

This is the theory; in practice, it would be very helpful
to know the required versions of X, mouse driver and GTK+.

Any recent GTK (1.2.8, 1.2.9, 1.2.10, probably earlier) will support

X and mouse driver is something to ask your operating system vendor,
it's not something we keep track of at the GTK level. However I think
all remotely recent XFree86 do support it, probably anything in the
last couple years. May require config file changes, check out the
docs, I've never had a wheel mouse so dunno.

Anyhow, if your mouse wheel works at all it should work with GTK.


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