Re: threads and Sockets

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Oliver Buecker wrote:

Hello alltogether,
- is it possible that someone kann give me an example how
    make threads with gtk????

Basicaly you don't want to do threads in a UI application.

If you want to do many things "at the same time" do them
in separate servers and create sockets between them.
Then you listen on the socket with

gdk_input_add( s, GDK_INPUT_READ, GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(file_function),
&cmdinfo );

To read from the socket when data is available.

- my second problem is, I have an Client-Server-Programm.
    The Server is written in JAVA and the client in C (with gtk)
    What do I have to send on the socket of the client that the
            gdk_input_add      (socket, GDK_INPUT_READ,
    is aktivated ???

Some datata???

I will send you a separate demo program...

Göran Hasse

Göran Hasse            email: gh raditex se     Tel: +46 8 694 92 70
Raditex AB       Fax: +46 8 442 05 91
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