Re: Problem with precision on GtkAdjustment

Maybe it's the digits-clamping - if you have only 1 digit precision,
it rounds off to .1, .2, etc., try gtk_scale_set_digits()? If not
that, no idea.

Thanks hp... that actually does work. 

I would like to suggest a change in the documentation for this function.
At the moment it's just "Sets the number of decimal places that are
displayed in the value." which gives no indication that it actually
alters how the value can be changed and relates more to the precision of
the stored value than to the user interface. 

If this is already fixed in GTK 2, then ignore my suggestion. If not, I
could offer to write those sentences (and perhaps a FAQ entry in case
others have the trouble I did.)

Thanks again for demystifying! 


@@@ david o'toole
@@@ dto gnu org

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