Re: User dialog within a callback function

Carlos Pereira wrote:

Don't use more gtk_main loops, only the main loop,
and do everything else with callbacks, doing otherwise
is looking for trouble.

I created a program that opens a file dialog on the first
callback, the second callback is called when the dialog
okay button is pressed.  Inside the second callback I
run a loop that loads items into a ctree.  The ctree is
frozen and I run a dialog that displays a status bar.  The
only way I could get the status bar to update was to
run gtk_main_loop_interation_do (whatever it is called).

You say not to do a main loop in a callback, but how can
I get the status bar to update otherwise?  Also, if the
main loop iteration does not go then if the windows are
messed with or killed then they will not respond to the


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