automake *_OBJECTS should not be defined

this doesn't have so much to do with GTK or Gnome,
but it does with GNU programming...

I got a little problem with automake,
I was making a test case, to see how autoconf and automake work
to set it up in my project, because I've been doing without so far...
and I have a problem...

When I run automake it sais:
src/server/ quest_server_OBJECTS should not be defined
src/client/ quest_client_OBJECTS should not be defined

and I can't do a "make dist" because of this...
I don't know what this error is about, because I don't define
quest_server_OBJECTS anywhere... I know that _OBJECTS get generated
from my's by automake, but I don't understand the error...

could someone with more experience at automake please help me?

a tarball of the problem can be found at

thanks in advance,


wrvh xs4all nl         |
wrvhage science uva nl |

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