Re: Progress Problem

To further explain the problem I have included this segment:

for(int count = 0; count < max_count; count++)
~ Other functions unrelated to progress bar
    gtk_progress_set_value(GTK_PROGRESS(progress),  (gfloat)count);  //
This updates the value to the bar
    gtk_main_interation_do(FALSE);  // This allows all the widgets in
the program to update while this function runs

I have noticed that the longer the bar runs it will finally kick in and
fill in the rest of the way.
One of the functions called before updates a CTree and I wonder if
because it is resizing it is
causing a delay.  It may be that the bar is working fine and the CTree
is hogging the CPU for
a bit. But that does not explain why the second time it shows nothing
and the third time it works
fine.  Very strange.


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