Re: Statusbar questions...

Hi friends.

I have a few questions about statusbars. Firstly, is it really necessary to 
get a context id?
I use arbitrary context ids too (1 or 42) and it works fine.

[...] In other words, it's broked only when not being run through gdb. This 
is what is often referred to as abnormal behavior. Is there a way of 
assessing whose fault this is (ie, gtk's side of things, or mine)?
I think it's your fault, because they are only very few bugs in GTK (at least 
in the 1.2 branch, I don't know for the 1.3). The most common reason for those
kind of problems is that somewhere in your code your write in a wrong memory
area (overflow, g_malloc() missing, ...). So I advise you using Electric-Fence
and see if you seg fault somewhere.
To install it on Debian: "apt-get install electric-fence", on RedHat/Mdk go
to and look for efence or electric-fence.
To use it: add -lefence on your Makefile and read the man page (man libefence)


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