Statusbar questions...

Hi friends.

I have a few questions about statusbars. Firstly, is it really necessary to get a context id? I don't think 
that I am going to be using more than one context in this program, so is it safe to just use a context id of 
1 (or even something like 7)?

As well, I have a function which prints disk freespace to the statusbar, upon clicking the disk's name in a 
ctree (signal function connected to "tree_select_row" signal). This function works fine, for a single disk. 
The problem appears when I click upon a second disk's name, after clicking on another one first. Normally 
such a problem could be resolved by just stepping through the function in gdb, but oddly enough, it works 
fine when I step through it in the debugger. In other words, it's broked only when not being run through gdb. 
This is what is often referred to as abnormal behavior. Is there a way of assessing whose fault this is (ie, 
gtk's side of things, or mine)?


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