Re: GtkText vs GtkTextView

January Weiner 3 <jweiner1 ix urz uni-heidelberg de> writes:

"Dugas, Alan" <alan dugas analog com> writes:
Does anyone know if the new GtkTextView will be more efficient at working
with large amounts of text than Gtktext?

Yes, it is more efficient. (with some more memory use to save CPU time.)

Erm, `the new GtkTextView' -- does it mean it comes with gtk 2.x? And if
yes, do you know of any workarounds for 1.2? My program is supposed to work
on DNA sequences, which, as you may be aware of, are sometimes quite huge.
Still, editing large sequences will probably happen not very often, and I
wouldn't like to break compatibility -- most systems ship with gtk 1.2. Any
ideas? Right now even a small 1MB text file is already sometimes a problem :-(

There are various replacement text widgets available, such as


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