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I m presently developing a GUI which uses gtk+. I m developing my modules in
MSVC (Windows) environment. I have created a workspace and a project. I am
developing a dll module in it. As part of the dll source code I have a static
member declared in one of the source files whose constructor does nothing but
calls 'gtk_init'. As it is a static member the constructor gets called as soon
as i load the dll.But then the process goes in a wait mode and funnily a thread
is also created. I dont know why this should happen. Has the settings for the
project got to have some extra flags, etc. As far as i know 'gtk_init' doesn't
have any calls which should create a thread. It only has some initializations
to do.

Also if I use 'gtk_init' in any other console application program it works well

*** I sent a mail to mpeters superonline com( as in GTK for Windows page ) but
it bounced back


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