Re: giving composite widget focus

    Davina> I've created a widget that packs a GtkLabel and a GtkEntry into a
    Davina> GtkHBox.  I'd like to allow the new widget to get focus and to add
    Davina> some handling when it does.


    Davina> Right now, new_widget_draw_focus() just prints out a debugging
    Davina> statement.  Or it would if it were actually getting called, which
    Davina> it's not.

    Davina> Can anyone tell me why?

Have you tried having your application call gtk_widget_grab_focus() on the
newly created widget?  Sometimes it isn't immediately clear what widget in
your application has the focus when it starts, so you can force the issue this

The focus traversal key, often Tab, should allow you to cycle through until
you get those debugging statements you added.  If neither works, then I'm not
sure what the problem is.
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