Re: [gthumb-list] image preview

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:36:36PM +0200, Matthias Hawran wrote:
2010/10/28 Stefan M. Brandl <smb smbnet de>

in gthumb-2.12.0 I no longer get an image preview.
Where in gthumb-2.10 I was able to choose between
now I only get the image-properties.
Is this intentional or do I miss something?


Hi Stefan,

Hello Matthias,

You are not missing something, the 2.10 browser layout changes are there
since 2.11
So it is intentional (see Paolo for the reasons)

However what you have now is thumbnails in viewer mode
Menu: View > Thumbnail Pane (F8)

Ah, that's good hidden.
Thanks for the hint.


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