Re: [gthumb-list] Import photos from PTP device (gphoto2)

Le mercredi 21 juillet 2010 à 22:40 +0200, Paolo Bacchilega a écrit :
Il 21/07/2010 19:57, Nicolas ha scritto:

Since the gvfs release, I can import photo from my camera using PTP.
(whereas it works well with previous gthumb release).

I've removed the volume check in the current master branch now, can you 
test if it works?


it works well.

I have tested with a USB key (so with Volume) and with my PTP camera
(without volume).

My patch was similar...

Now, it remains a point ; and I don't know if it's possible.

How is gthumb able to mount automatically the device ?

When I run :
$ gthumb --import-photos
the device has to be already mounted !

In the previous test :
$ gvfs-mount "gphoto2://[usb:002,009]/"
$ gthumb --import-photos
Then in the list, I can see my PTP camera.

I have seeked in the GIO API how to list devices (even if not
connected). So I can patch gthumb to list USB storage (GDrive), and
mount auto the device ; but I don't know how to list the PTP device.



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