Re: [gthumb-list] [gthumb] [photo_importer] show the destination in the main dialog as well

vote to remove it, and leave the orientation tag alone, always. This
function has always been a bit problematic (buggy, adds potential for
data corruption, etc).

Well, if it's buggy it should be fixed because the code is used in other
places as well, for example when creating a web album.

Of course! I just meant that extra complexity brings extra bugs.

In fact we could even add a tool to apply the embedded orientation to
the selected images.

I think adding a physical-orientation extension would be great.

If the physical-orientation function was removed from the importer (and replaced with a separate tool), and the "overwrite existing files" checkbox was replaced with a popup (when existing files are detected), then the "preferences" dialog could be a true "destination" dialog, without other functions.

Just an idea. It's not a critical issue.

- Mike

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