Re: EXIF support for local metadata plugin.

On Thu, 2012-04-12 at 16:42 +0300, Igor Tarasov wrote:
> Dear Grilo Developers,
> Grilo framework is perfect but in the lack of EXIF support makes
> it almost useless for managing local images.  Is there any plans
> about EXIF support in local metadata plugin? If not not, please
> tell me would you like to accept patches to fix this issue and
> libexif dependency as well? :)

We didn't consider having a plugin to expose EXIF content, but indeed
sounds very interesting.

Of course, we are always opened to any kind of contribution, so any
patch will be very welcomed. :)

> I'm working on photo collection application, I'm  using grilo and I'll
> implement this functionality anyway. The question is, what do
> you think about pushing it into the local metadata plugin?

Personally, I would prefer to put it in a separated plugin, so
local-metadata do not require new dependencies. We would be happy to
incorporate it in our plugin set, and also to help you in anything.

If that is too much work, or you already have patches for local-metadata
plugin, I'm fine with adding that feature in that plugin. We can split
it later if needed.


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