Re: [Multi-valued V2 (grilo) 11/12] core: Merge GrlDataMulti into GrlData

On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 16:06 +0000, Iago Toral wrote:
> > either
> > you remove all related values, or remove nothing.
>  Good, I think that is what we should have.
>  Then I think we should rename grl_data_remove_property to 
>  grl_data_remove.

The point of naming it grl_data_remove_property() instead of
grl_data_remove() is that there is already a grl_data_remove() function
in GrlData: removes value for first key.

Note that I've kept all functions that was in GrlData previously, which
were working with single-valued data (now, internally they work with the
first value of key).

We can discuss if we can get rid of some of this functions, but that
would change the API, so I prefer to keep it as it is, at least for some
time, after we think which functions can be removed, and what functions
should be renamed.

> > But users can still remove a specific element if they really want: 
> > get
> > the property with the element, and then remove the key from that
> > property.
>  Shouldn't we remove that API from GrlProperty then?

The API to remove the key in GrlProperty is there to implement the
grl_data_remove(), which acts on single-values (i.e., the first value of
multi-valued keys).

Of course, I can still get rid of it, as doing

grl_property_remove(prop, key)

is almost the same as

grl_property_set (prop, key, NULL)

Basically, the GrlProperty API was taken from GrlData API for
single-valued keys.


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