Re: Opinions on multi-source search

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 12:07 +0200, Iago Toral wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to work on adding a new feature to Grilo that I had planned long 
> ago and I would like to hear your opinions as to how this should be done (or 
> if it shouldn't be done :))
> The idea is to provide API to allow users to search content in all sources (or 
> maybe a specific subset of sources). The use case is simple: you want media 
> content related to something but you are not sure where to get it from.
> Example: Say you want to do some work about guadec and you need multimedia content 
> for that, you can use Grilo to search for that content but you would have to 
> go source by source searching, instead it would be more convenient if you could 
> just forget about the source and ask Grilo to search anywhere, and you would 
> get videos about guadec from youtube or vimeo, images from flickr, etc... all 
> in one go.
> Opinions?

As Victor and Joaquim stated, that is a good idea.

I'd search in all sources, and using the same callback as we have in
browse, that is, sending the Media and the source which the media comes

I wouldn't specify a set of sources, because I don't see really a big
difference creating the list and invoking the method than creating the
list and invoking the search for each source in the list. Thus, I'd go
with the search_all() approach.


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