Re: [PATCH 4/6] Serialize all properties

On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 12:29 +0200, Víctor M. Jáquez L. wrote:
> No.
> I meant
> grl_media_serialize(GrlMedia *media) {
>    grl_media_serialize_extended(media, TRUE);
> }
> grl_media_serialize(GrlMedia *media, gboolean full) {
>    ...
> }
> grl_media_serialize should be the most used option by the users. 

Ok, I see now.

It must be taken in account that actually the best kind of serialization
used depends on the cases.

With the simple serialization, all properties previously queried are

So when a media is unserialized, if user wants to access a key it must
ask source for it.

With full serialization, everything is there. So user can use them even
without using the original source.

Anyway, I don't see any problem about having this two functions.

If everybody agrees, I can merge the feature adding this proposed


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