Re: gnome integration plan

On Mon, 2010-05-10 at 21:43 +0300, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:
> Hi,
> >> a) Finish rygel-grilo, which will expose Grilo content in DBus, so other
> >> applications can access it (see [1]). As you know, this program
> >> implements a spec[2] that have been changed quite a lot during last
> >> times, so everytime I was almost to finish the implementation, spec
> >> changed. Hope that now it is more stable.
>   Well change is not always a bad thing. :) If you recall the first
> big set of changes came by your (legitimate) requests. Believe me when
> I say that I want this to become stable as much as you do.

Yes, sure. In fact, the implementation is quite advanced. And I'm quite
happy with the changes in last spec. Actually Lennart gave good points
about it, and I think it helped to avoid future problems, as he pointed

> >> b) Rygel-grilo will come with a small library that will help to
> >> implement both producers and consumers following spec[2]. Actually,
> >> rygel-grilo is using this library to produce content. Next step will be
> >> to write a 'consumer' plugin for Totem.
>   I also suggest you change the name of this package as by the time
> other apps start using it for using grilo's plugins, there will be no
> Rygel involved and having rygel in the name gives a very wrong
> impression and might hurt your.. er.. our world domination plan. :)

Yes, that is in my mind. But I'm waiting to finiish it before boring
GNOME sysadmins about creating a new repository for it.

> >> c) Unfortunately, we do not have too much resources to try to write
> >> plugins for other applications. We prefer to focus more in improving
> >> Grilo and left these plugins for contributors.
>   I totally understand but keep in mind that we went the same path
> with gupnp and I later realized that it was more important to
> implement application plugins rather than perfecting gupnp itself.
> >> As you know, we proposed
> >> a couple of them in GNOME GSoC, which unfortunately nobody took.
>   Yes i recall because I suggested you do that. :) Thanks for trying
> it but I must tell you that this happens to me each year as well. Not
> many people in GNOME are interested in multimedia stuff and there are
> retards who think adding facebook integration into banshee is more
> important than a nice multimedia framework. :(

I guess any world domination plan requires to catch some "slaves" :p

> > Yeah, the idea is to finish first a) & b) and then write the plugin for Totem.
>   It is entirely up to you in which order you do things but I must
> point our that b) doesn't necessarily *completely* depend on a). With
> the current spec (for which you have most of the implementation IIRC?)
> you can create a and then b and then the totem plugin. If the spec
> changes in between, just ignore it until you have everything ready.
> Then you look at the spec for any changes and change implementation of
> a). You can afford to break Rygel compatibility in between, thats just
> fine. :)

Well, actually I'm writting both a) and b) at the same time. Why?
Because while writting the library, I'm using rygel-grilo app as a guide
to be sure everything makes sense in the library, and I'm forgetting

That is why I would like to write the Totem plugin before releasing the
library: to be sure that I'm covering most of the issues a
consumer-application would require.


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