Re: ANNOUNCE: grilo 0.1.6 released

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 07:13:15PM +0200, Juan A. Suarez Romero wrote:
> A new release of grilo, 0.1.6, has been released.
> What is it?
> ===========
> Grilo is a framework that provides access to various sources of
> multimedia content, using a pluggable system.
> Where can I find out more?
> ==========================
> What is new in 0.1.6?
> =====================

> Who contributed to it?
> ======================

IMO a git shortlog is more suitable for release reports:

Damien Lespiau (2):
      core: Default to print warning, critical and error messages only
      gitignore: Put common ignores in the root .gitignore

Eduardo Lima Mitev (1):
      Changes gir/typelib prefix from Grilo to Grl

Iago Toral Quiroga (21):
      [test-ui] Request media description
      [core] Do not setup auto-split when count is lower than threshold     in search and query opeations.
      [core] Make grl_media_source_gen_browse_id protected
      [core] Added grl_multiple_search API.
      [core] Added preconditions to grl_multiple_search
      [test-ui] Added support for multiple search()
      [test-ui] Fixed leaks because of unnecesary string duppings.
      [core] Removed trailing whitespaces
      [core] Handle "no searchable sources available" situation in grl_multiple_search
      [core] Added grl_multiple_cancel
      [test-ui] Call grl_multiple_cancel to cancel multiple search operations.
      [core] Revert changes to make grl_media_source_gen_browse_id protected.     This is not needed any more.
      [test-ui] Fixed compilation warning
      [core] Changed multiple search implementation so that we guarantee     we emit as many results as requested (when possible).
      core: Let grl_multiple_search() admit a list of target sources     core: Added explanatory comments to the code implementing grl_multiple_search()
      test-ui: Adapted to changes in grl_multiple_search API.
      core: fixed memory leak.
      grilo-test-ui: Added debug traces for metadata values (useful when testing     URLs).
      Required version of automake is 1.10.     Fixes #620143
      core: documentation fixes.

Joaquim Rocha (11):
      Add verifications to the beginning of functions
      Add verifications to the beginning of functions
      Add libxml-2.0 dependency
      Use a hashtable for plugins' info
      Get plugins' info from XML file
      Add grl_media_plugin_get_info and plugin's keys defines
      Use grl_media_plugin_get_info to retrieve default info
      Add finalize function to GrlMediaPlugin
      Print debug info from plugins
      Add plugins' configuration directory from autotools
      grl-plugin-registry.c: Use the plugin conf dir and the plugin's ID to get its XML

Juan A. Suarez Romero (73):
      Include silent macro in extra dist
      Use autosplit only if user is requesting more elements than autosplit threshold
      Add a serializing function for medias
      Add unserialize() function
      Do not use whitespaces in key names
      Serialize all properties
      Unserialize all properties
      Document serialize() / unserialize() functions
      Add get all registered keys function
      Use get_metadata_keys() in serialize/unserialize
      Add grl_media_serialize_extended() function.
      Use different serializations approaches
      Use GRL_KEYID_FORMAT when printing a key
      [test-ui] Show all available metadata keys
      [core] Rework metadata key system
      Refactor grl_media_unserialize()
      Adjust key value accordingly to the key specification
      Check that value has expected type defined in key specification
      Check if key is NULL
      Fix serialize() for root categories
      Add grl_init() function
      Set default plugin directories in grl_init()
      Add Grilo command-line options
      Move g_module_supported() to grl_init()
      Return Grilo Option group
      Initialize GLib type system
      Print key name when debugging
      Fix doc typo
      Update gtk-doc
      Check media when resolving key dependencies
      Allow for empty values when unserializing data
      Add utility for services needing page_size + page_number
      Add function to get a GList from a varadic list of pointers
      Remove flickr FROB key
      Remove Flickr's token
      Comment grl_multiple_search() function
      Comment grl_multiple_cancel() function
      Fix documentation typos
      core: Rename browse_id to operation_id
      core: Rename function to get operation id
      core: Annotate GrlMetadataSetMetadataCb
      core: Fix leak
      core: Make grl_media_source_metadata() cancelable
      grilo-test-ui: Load Flickr's token from gconf
      grilo-test-ui: Request Flickr authorization
      grilo-test-ui: Add a menu item to authorize Flickr access
      grilo-test-ui: Ask once for Flickr's authorization
      grilo-test-ui: Add functions to authorize Flickr access
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_metadata() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_browse() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_search() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_query() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_store() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_media_source_remove() function
      core: Externalize helper functions to create synchronous versions
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_multiple_search() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_metadata_source_resolve_sync() function
      core: Add synchronous version of grl_metadata_source_set_metadata_sync() function
      grl-inspect: Add grl-inspect utility
      core: Add library filename to plugin's information
      grl-inspect: Add delay when listing sources
      grl-inspect: Show information about a set of plugins
      grl-inspect: Show the type of plugin
      grl-inspect: Show supported operations
      grl-inspect: Show supported keys
      core: Add function to get a list of defined information keys for a plugin
      grl-inspect: Introspect sources, not plugins
      grl-inspect: Fix leak
      grl-inspect: Print both Plugin and Source information detail
      core: Close module if it won't be used
      core: Get rid of 'const' in return value
      Rename grl_plugin_registry_get_instance()
      Bumped to version 0.1.6

Simón Pena (19):
      doc: Added grl_init call
      doc: Minor corrections
      doc: Corrected obsolete tags
      core: Replaced grl-config defines with functions
      core: Replaced grl-media defines with functions
      core: Replaced grl-media-video defines with functions
      core: Replaced grl-media-image defines with functions
      core: Replaced grl-media-audio defines with functions
      annotations: Annotated grilo.c
      annotations: Annotated grl-plugin-registry
      annotations: Annotated grl-media-source
      annotations: Annotated grl-media-source callbacks
      core: Make grl-metadata-key more introspection friendly
      annotations: Annotated grl-multiple
      annotations: Annotated grl-data
      python: Cloned grilo-test-ui
      core: remove uneed frees
      core: removed wrong free at GrlMediaPlugin finalize()
      annotations: Fixed 'lookup_source' annotation

Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal (15): check for vala tools
      Remove ABI to uninstalled pc file
      vala: add namespace template
      vala: add files template
      vala: new vapi generation machinery
      vala: grl_init in vapi
      grilo.h: the config.h shall never be exposed to the API.
      build: remove unused variable remove the ACLOCAL_FLAGS variable
      vala: remove custom code for media getters/setters
      core: initialise the structure completely
      check: test for registry and unregistry of plugins
      core: typo
      test-ui: reload plugins functionality
      test-ui: log everything

Xabier Rodriguez Calvar (3):
      [test-ui] Replaced hbox with hpaned
      [test-ui] Fixed horizontal scroll of media list
      [test-ui] Fixed horizontal scroll of metadata view

iain (1):
      keys: Add extra system metadata keys

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