Future plans


guess I'll be the first one posting here :)

I would like people to share their ideas as to what we should be doing
next in Grilo. I have some proposals:

1) Work on improving the features exposed by the plugins we have already
available (like exposing more of Youtube's features, adding browsing
options to Flickr, etc). I guess there is a lot that we can improve

2) Work on an API for searching on multiple sources at the same time
(for example, search "gnome" on all searchable sources and retrieve
videos from youtube, images from flickr, etc all in one go), i think
that would be cool to have.

3) Documentation, we have to complete the API docs and add tutorials and
stuff like that (I have been working a bit on this lately but more work
is needed).

4) Complete the work on rygel-grilo.

I know you guys have more ideas, so let's share them here, then we can
prioritize the ideas and write them down in l.g.o for future reference.
Also, we may find people interested in collaborating if we have a clear
task list.


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