Re: Binaries for python bindings of goocancas for win

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 17:02 +0100, Alessandro Dentella wrote:
> Hi,
>   I need binaries of goocanvas bindings for windows, but could not find any
>   precompiled one. 
>   Having no skill at all in the windows planet I 've been asking around and
>   googling a lot, but I only found people who tried and couldn't go
>   throught the compilation process (like [1]). A student I payed for that
>   took almost 60 hours and was not able to go throught.
>   I also wrote to Gian Mario, but I cannot contact him anymore since end
>   sept (I guess you read me here...;-)
>   Is there anybody with the skill necessary to compile pygoocanvas for
>   windows? Since this is for a customer, I'm ready to pay for it.
>   If you think this not possible for some reasons I'd like to know, so that
>   I start thinking a different solution.
>   Thanks a lot
>   sandro
>   *:-)

I gave it a try and had success with this configure line:

am_cv_python_pyexecdir=/c/Python25/Lib/site-packages ./configure
--disable-docs --disable-gtk-doc LDFLAGS="-no-undefined
-L/c/Python25/libs -lpython25"

After renaming the resulting goocanvasmodule.dll to goocanvas.pyd, I
could run the included demos.


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