'floor' xlsx roundtrip sometimes comes back as 'rounddown' - intentional?

not deeply investigated, thus more a question than an issue: 
t6590-samples test sends '=floor(0.5)' in an xlsx roundtrip and gets back '=rounddown(0.5,0)'. 
same happens to calculating cells in a sheet. 
while '=floor(0.5,0.15)' comes back unchanged. 
is there any rationale in changing the function? on first sight the handling is different for one vs. two argument calls. 
apart from the fact that the results are identical in value, the following points speak for returning a formula with 'floor' instead of 'rounddown': 
- the functionalities of floor and rounddown are different, the second parameter of floor specifies the significance value and defaults to 1, while for rounddown it means the number of decimal places and defaults to 0,  
- unnecessary entries are created in the test logs, t6590-samples.pl.log, 
- users get irritated when they use a function and can't find it again after saving, 

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