code pointer needed, where are addition and subtraction of values or referenced cells placed in the code? - follow up ... am i right?


am i at least in a warm area for my wishes with parser.c, expr.c and GNM_EXPR_OP_ADD ?

testing not yet found :-(

best regards, b.


hello @all, 
my 'decimal-corrector' improves more and more, and i need to test it out, 
with having a special function in a sheet i have played enough, IMHO it works, 
as i - yet - haven't found or got a hint to replace e.g. 'FADD' in total (too difficult?) i'd be very thankful for a code pointer where the parsing? of functions in, and the calculation of values for the cells are performed. especially i need the points where values are added or subtracted. In LO Calc that was buried far far down in a ununderstandable complex function and i'd find it only by chance ... so please do me a favour and give me some aid :-) 
besides that i'd be thankful about a pointer (to a tutorial? short lecture?) how testing is construted / performed for gnumeric. i'd like to construct something which w/could
tell me if changes i make do harm other calculations. i'd read something like 'GNM_FUNC_TEST_STATUS_EXHAUSTIVE' and simiar in functions.c, but i'm too short in time and too concentrated on the main issue that i actually can't dig for it. in LO Calc there are 'unittests' for such, a collection of sheets with calculations and expected results which 'make' would calculate with 'make check'? and immediately point to weak points. besides it's misused by Calc to require wrong results formerly considered correct it's a good tool. 
best regards, TIA for any help. 

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