using alternate compiler for gnumeric

question in short: is there an easy / prepared way to compile gnumeric with another compiler? For example with 'clang' or 'intel'?
i have a little issue that POW or scientific strings are imprecise, they don't match for e.g. 10^23 and 1E23 in gnumeric with doubles.

it's less a gnumeric but a compiler / library problem, Morten filed a bug for it <>

set up and compiled for 'long doubles' there are many more deviations in gnumeric and with the test program.

just poking around i tried the intel compiler (oneAPI suite, based on clang / LLVM, free) and found:

with doubles plenty of fails, except with '-O0', there it's only one ( 10^23 ).

but! with 'long' error free from 10^-4953 .. 10^4933 ... ('error free': consistent between '10^x' and '1Ex' ).

even with '-Ofast'

i'm astonished,

can someone retest? intel oneAPI download and install, needs setting the environment with '', and compile with 'icpx ....', names and options i left as for gcc.

try any steps to compare '1Ex' to '10^x' or 'POW( 10, x )', e.g. take the test program from Morten and adapt for long doubles and negative powers.

Best Regards,


P.S. please be tolerant, I'm not a professional but just look, poke and try around, sometimes it results in good new things ... but not always ;-)

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