answer: question about 'WHENCE' setup for second independent development version

to give an answer by myself ...

i did nothing more than create a directory 'gnumeric-long', clone a gnumeric version into it, use WHENCE 'confect', 'make'
and 'install' with '-s gnumeric-long', and copied 'GG' to 'GG-long', edited it to point to the new dir ... and was done ... :-) :-) :-)

Best Regards,

and @John Denker: thank you very! much :-)


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Betreff: question about 'WHENCE' setup for second independent development version

hello @Forum, hello @John Denker,

i'm trying to develop something for decimal correct math for gnumeric, and got the very useful tool 'WHENCE' from @John Denker which enables to maintain an independent development version while the standard gnumeric remains untouched and is in place for comparisions. Again many thanks, it works great and saved me a lot of time ... 

since trying to maintain a second development version with 'long doubles' enabled i'd like to have three (partly) independent versions, which is a little 'more tricky' or 'cumbersome' with my current setup. (partly: the codebase should be kept in sync for 'double' and 'long' except the option how to compile in 'gnumeric-features'?, while the intermediate build and executable files should be version specific.)

as of now i have gnumeric standard separate, ok, but 'double' or 'long' i need to switch between, and need a new compile and install at every switchover.

'nicest' setup i could think of would be to have two 'independent' 'WHENCE' dirs with the code files identic (hard linked? soft linked? automated copies? and compile and run independently in both directories. if anybody has anything like that running at hand (s)he could save me a lot of time and headaches ...

or does git have any options with which you can easily manage something like this?

best regards, TIA for any help,


P.S. if anyone remembers if goffice is with or without 'long-double' by default, and / or if John Denkers 'WHENCE confect' will pull it towards enabled i'd like to know, my development defaults to 'with' since some time, and i can't tell how it was originally ... seems a git 'pull' pulls option files with 'disabled', but after confect it's switched to enabled?

P.S. II sorry that i ask that many silly questions, i need my full! intellectual capa for the main point of my project.
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