Re: XYcolor plots

On 11/13/21 10:20 AM, Jean Bréfort wrote:

to delete a map, you can just erase the file in

Wow, that's useful. I never would have guessed. I tried
looking in the .gnumeric file without seeing any hint
of this directory.

I assume I can edit those files, and also create my own
maps and stick them in there.

I don't think it has been documented anywhere.

Some documentation would help.
Right now it's quite mysterious.

 I might add Edit and Delete buttons.

That would be nice.


Here's another mystery:

Using the default map: five stops exist, 0 through 4 inclusive.
Color axis scale: min=0, max=4.
My data: five data points, Z=0 through 4 inclusive.

Observations: In the resulting plot:
Point 0 is blue as expected.
Point 4 is red as expected.

Point 2 I expected to be green but it comes out as (127,255,0) which is weird.

Point 1 I expected to be bright cyan but it comes out as (0,255,127) which is weird.

Point 3 I expected to be bright yellow but it comes out as (255,189,0) which is super-weird.

Observations were performed by saving the plot as .svg and using
the inkscape eye-dropper to examine the colors.
Directly eyeballing the .svg file produces the same observations,
expressed as percent rather than per255.

Is this a bug, or do I not understand what is supposed to happen?

It's very mysterious.

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