Re: XYcolor plots

I don't think it has been documented anywhere. I might add Edit and
Delete buttons. Anyway, to delete a map, you can just erase the file in

Currently, the fill and outline colors are the same. To get only the
outline, we would need a new option, either at the plot or series

Le samedi 13 novembre 2021 à 09:49 -0700, John Denker via gnumeric-list
a écrit :
On 11/13/21 9:22 AM, Jean Bréfort wrote:

Actually, you can choose the colors: select the Z axis, then the color
scale page and click New or Duplicate. You can build your own custom
color scale.

Thanks, that helps.

Is this documented somewhere?

Is there any way to change an existing map?
  I see "New" and "Duplicate" but neither "Edit" nor "Delete".
  This could lead to irreversible accumulation of cruft.

Is there any way to get control of the outline color
as distinct from the fill color? About 99% of my plots
use open symbols, i.e. a visible outline but transparent
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