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Yes, some conditional statement (if..., then...) would be basically how to examine the value of a cell and assign a value (e.g., background color) to that cell. I would think though there would be a different problem implementing it.

Jakob, you say you wish to "identify the current date by marking the relevant cell(s)", but which cells are the "relevant" ones? I mean, could the "relevant" cells be *anywhere* in the spreadsheet? If so, then you would need to include that conditional code in every cell in the entire spreadsheet. If the relevant cells would be only in a pre-designated column, then that conditional code would need to be placed in every cell in that column. Including that code in every cell would be ponderous. AFAIK there is no way in gnumeric, or in any other spreadsheet software, to write one line of code to examine all cells in an entire spreadsheet.

So rather than have "today" marked automatically, it would likely be easier, after opening a spreadsheet, to run a search for the value of today in that spreadsheet.

On 5/27/21 3:16 AM, Jean Bréfort wrote:

You can use conditional formatting. Option "Cell value is = x." and
today() as value.

Hope this helps.

Le mercredi 26 mai 2021 à 21:20 +0000, Jakob Cornelis via gnumeric-list
a écrit :
I use gnumeric’s calendar template for an events and appointments
calendar. One feature that would very useful would be to
automatically identify the current date by marking the relevant
cell(s). This could be by background colour (which would be my
preference), or bolding the day box, or something like that.

Is there “code” that could be inserted in the worksheet to accomplish
this. I do no longer have the skills to do this myself (I fiddled
with, what did we call these routines, many years ago?). Can somebody
out there help me out?

I run gnumeric 1.10.17 on Linux, for what it is worth.

I know, I know. You can download an abundance of free calendars that
can do this; it’s just that I like to make my own and have, or
change, everything just the way I like it.

jcornelis startmail com

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