Re: gnumeric dark theme

the lesson was for all of those whose eyes you guys have harmed at night meanwhile and to gnumeric's popularity among those who --like me-- stopped using it and had to stick to excel (since calc leaves so much to be desired)

PS. macs too have a wonderful "whole session to dark mode" switch. It's truly admirable to be "original" until the very end though!

On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 10:07 PM Morten Welinder <mortenw gnome org> wrote:
> i asked for it here ~9 years ago but there's stubborn people on this earth...

You did indeed, but you were so obnoxious about it then (and now, it
would seem) that it promptly got put in the "will take patches" pile.
There is some kind of life lesson hidden here, I suspect.

Now, if you have something to actually contribute about the matter I
am all ears.  Code, css, etc.


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