enhancement request: 'shortest roundtripping' representation of values for file export - with patch proposal

hello @all, 
sorry for insisting on an old issue, IMHO it's quite important. 
setting the export length for double values for e.g. odf / ods files to fixed 17 digits ( 21 for long? ) produces compatibility problems, see attached sheet. Sorry if any display format issues, '4k' seems not fully compatible yet. 
A) it is 'not good' as it is, and 
B) it is easy to improve, see small patch proposed in sheet, 
I'd like it changed. 
If it is not wanted / accepted I'd be happy with a code pointer where the 'write length' is adjusted for export to *.xls and *.xlsx files to construct a private patched version for the most common files. I have an assumption, see in the sheet, but not yet tried. 
Best Regards, 
reference: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnumeric/-/issues/598 
         compatibility problem reg. precision when storing double values. (long doubles also affected) 
P.S. Please be forgiving if I make mistakes, I am not a 'pro' but peek, poke and try around, sometimes this yields new insights and improvements :-)  ... alas only sometimes ... :-( . 
P.S. II my test mileage: 135 ok, 2 skipped, 18 failed, anyone got these well? 
( to perform the tests just run 'make check' in the ~/test directory ) 
FAIL: t5900-sc.pl 
FAIL: t5901-qpro.pl 
FAIL: t5902-applix.pl 
FAIL: t5903-sylk.pl 
FAIL: t5904-mps.pl 
FAIL: t5906-dif.pl 
SKIP: t6050-vba-roundtrip.pl 
SKIP: t6152-xlsx-syntax.pl 
FAIL: t7121-solver-Hahn1.pl 
FAIL: t7141-solver-Thurber.pl 
FAIL: t8000-valgrind.pl 
FAIL: t8001-valgrind-xls.pl 
FAIL: t8002-valgrind-gnumeric.pl 
FAIL: t8003-valgrind-pdf.pl 
FAIL: t8004-valgrind-xls-macro.pl 
FAIL: t8005-valgrind-chart-fit.pl 
FAIL: t8006-valgrind-ods-no-styles.pl 
FAIL: t8010-valgrind-ods.pl 
FAIL: t8011-valgrind-xlsx.pl 
FAIL: t8050-valgrind-sstest.pl 

Attachment: deco-math_issue_I0004_patch_P0001_file_value_compatibility_G.ods
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet

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