test failing for ilog

hello @all, 
IMHO it's not big enough an issue to open a ticket, 
'make check' failed with 
make[2]: *** No rule to make target 't1107-ilog.pl', needed by 't1107-ilog.pl.log'.  Stop. 
works better after changing all occurences of 't1107-ilog.pl' to 't1108-ilog.pl' in '~/test/Makefile.in'. 
Best Regards, 
P.S. Please be forgiving if I make mistakes, I am not a 'pro' but peek, poke and try around, sometimes this yields new insights and improvements :-)  ... just sometimes ... :-( . 
P.S. II my test mileage: 135 ok, 2 skipped, 18 failed, anyone got these well?
FAIL: t5900-sc.pl
FAIL: t5901-qpro.pl
FAIL: t5902-applix.pl
FAIL: t5903-sylk.pl
FAIL: t5904-mps.pl
FAIL: t5906-dif.pl
SKIP: t6050-vba-roundtrip.pl
SKIP: t6152-xlsx-syntax.pl
FAIL: t7121-solver-Hahn1.pl
FAIL: t7141-solver-Thurber.pl
FAIL: t8000-valgrind.pl
FAIL: t8001-valgrind-xls.pl
FAIL: t8002-valgrind-gnumeric.pl
FAIL: t8003-valgrind-pdf.pl
FAIL: t8004-valgrind-xls-macro.pl
FAIL: t8005-valgrind-chart-fit.pl
FAIL: t8006-valgrind-ods-no-styles.pl
FAIL: t8010-valgrind-ods.pl
FAIL: t8011-valgrind-xlsx.pl
FAIL: t8050-valgrind-sstest.pl

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