Re: More than you ever wanted to know about csv files (Re: to csv or not to csv)

I don't even care what names you give them, so long as the names are not
the same.

Sorry, not an option: I don't name them.

Users name them foo.csv and probably think of them as "cee ess vee"
files where you,
as I understand it, think of them as "comma separated value" files.


Nope, but they are all "csv" files.   I understand that you would
prefer those files to have
been named something else by suitably educated users, but that is not
the world we are
living in.

It's a messy world, to say the least, but "csv" files show up on
Gnumeric's doorstep with
just a filename, "foo.csv", and absolutely no indication of what
subspecies they are.

Any suggestion that these people should not be able to import their
data with the same
ease as you with your vanilla csv files will be rejected.  And
declaring that "foo.csv"
loaded from the command line has to be separated by commas would do
that.  I will
not do it.

And that's it about csv files from me.  Once we reach the all caps
stage I tune out.


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