Re: More than you ever wanted to know about csv files (Re: to csv or not to csv)

Mostly for entertainment purposes, here's a tour of Northern Europe as
told by random
csv files.  (I am ignoring xls files named *.csv -- there are quite a
few of those too.
Also ignored are completely vanilla "," separated files which are also
used in these

TL;DR: ";" separation is quite common.  Decimal comma is common.

If you wonder why ";" is so common: it's what Excel does in locales
that use decimal
comma.   Gnumeric cannot ignore this fact.


Let's start in Germany. Here's a list of German doctors.  Note, that
the separator is ";":

Here's a csv file using [tab] as separators:

Here's "|" as separator.  That's a new one! Note also the "123.45 €" amounts.

Here's a ';' separated file with "123,56" numbers.

Moving on to Finland, here we see ";" separated data in some non-UTF8
encoding.  It looks
like a bunch of names and addresses.  Or maybe it's the local
butcher's price list -- I can't tell.

Denmark.  The Education and Research Ministry uses  ";" separated data
with "123,45" numbers:

Sweden, [tab] separated:

Norway: ";" separated with what appears to be an html header:

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