Re: Comparing 2 Columns

On 2020-08-16 22:59, bill d wrote:
I have 2 columns that mostly contain data common to both. I would
like to remove this leaving only the data unique to 1 column. Any
thoughts on how best to accomplish this? Many thanks! peace

It might help to have a better picture of your data.  Are they two
columns of data in common with a 3rd column such as

  Month  2019  2020
  Jan    4     4
  Feb    4     5
  Mar    8     8

and you just want the "Feb" row?  Or do you have two columns of

  1    2
  3    3
  4    5
  2    1

and you want 5 rows of their unique values:


Do you need to maintain the source order?  Are they some sort of text
files that you could use other *nix tools rather than trying to do it
in Gnumeric?

With a better idea of what your data looks like and what you want the
results to look like, it would help craft a solution.


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