libgsf tweaks

I'd like to propose two small tweaks for libgsf that I think could be
quite useful for third-party users of the library in general.
(Certainly they'd be helpful to me, for use with gretl.)

1) gsf-output-memory: it would be nice to be able to "steal" a
buffer created in this way. At present if you want to make further use
of it after closing and unref'ing the GsfOutput you have to copy the
buffer. Proposal: add a function gsf_output_memory_steal_bytes().

2) gsf-output-gzip: in some contexts it would be useful to be able to
control the zlib compression level in the interest of maximum speed or
maximal compression. Proposal: add a compression-level property, plus
a function gsf_output_gzip_new_full() which allows you to set this
property at construction.

I'm attaching two little patches against git (also 1.14.46, since the
relevant source files haven't changed recently) which do what I'm
talking about.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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