Re: how to convert VB scripts to Gnumeric python

I'm putting together a sample application today, and will put it on github when done.

I will include the current patches I have against 1.12.32. This will probably be of very short term use, as when I went to github this morning I discovered Morten is going wild on commits related to Python, so the demo will probably be a work in progress. (The good news for me, personally, is that it appears a lot of the errors I see currently with my application will disappear with his revisions.)

If nothing else, it'll give us some structure for a minimalist set of Pythonic API functions that could be included with an app.

The example will be through the python side interface. I really would like to have a python-loader type extensibility interface on the wishlist (since it would make adding features to gnumeric at the end user level far easier) but we have to crawl before we walk.

On 04/12/2018 07:42 PM, Mike McClain wrote:
     For some reason mutt doesn't recognize individual posts from Gnome
     So my answer to all is thanks for the pointers I'll probably be
back next week.
     Taking on the translation of VBA to Python with an implemented
interface to a spreadsheet is one thing, through a GUI and back is a
different fruit all together.
     To 'dm-gnome' specifically,I'm new to Python and don't run Gnome
desktop so any pointers are welcome.
     To all listening, it appears a big undertaking but if you know
of earlier moves by anyone a pointer would be appreciated.

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