how to convert VB scripts to Gnumeric python

    I've had little luck finding the docs I need to bring an Excel
spreadsheet to gnumeric.
    I need to copy a column from a csv fine of today's quotes then
insert a column, paste today's values in shuffle things 'til they line
up, then write values, formulas, conditional formats, colored cells,
colored text all over the place.
    So far I've not even figured how to select a cell. where are the
docs on how to open files, copy/paste columns, declare ranges and all
the other things that need doing on a daily basis when tracking
stocks? Not the fancy stuff in the 'FINANCES' menu but the stuff that
is easy to do from the keyboard but time consuming without scripting?
The help menu says little about how to control gnumeric from Python
and of course the Python docs say nothing.
    A little help please. Don't need the answers, just pointers a
little more specifiy than 'read the source code'.
What use is blame other than to avoid responsibility?

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