Search command results in deleting entry


I am very happy with gnumeric. Just want to report a little problem.

I have a sheet with a lot of username/passwords that is open most of the time. When I return to the sheet to look for a password, and click "Ctrl + F" and type the name to search, sometimes the search window appears and all is ok, but sometimes when I am already typing the word to search I recognize that the search window did NOT appear and I am typing OVER an existing entry actually deleting it.

Well I do it so many times in a day that it is mechanical and I do not think about what am doing.  But various times I finished deleting some passwords this way and getting aware of it only days after the fact. I was always able to recover the lost passwords, but it is risky because there are passwords that can NOT be recovered. Well I do backups, but better to try to avoid the problem in first instance.

To reproduce this problem please select a part of an entry in the upper address window (such as a password that you want to copy and paste somewhere else). The background of the cell gets yellow. Then click "CTRL +F" the search window does NOT appear.

Is there a way to improve this situation? The ideal would be that "Ctrl + F" overrides any selected text in the active cell  and ALWAYS generates a search window. It would be enough that the "CTRL + F" command first deselects any selected text in the active cell.

I am willing to pay to get this feature in the main repositories, just let me know an estimate.

Many thanks for the attention.

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