Re: How is Gnumeric so fast?

On Sat, 15 Jul 2017 13:42:48 +1000
Leon Taylor <leontaylor476 gmail com> wrote:

I understand that Gnumeric was programmed in C, which means that it was 
going to be fast, but LibreOffice Calc and Excel would be programmed in 
C++, which is just as fast as C (That is, assuming that it is well 
written C++).

Hi Leon. Sure someone more expert will show up with more details...

C is faster than C++, but not very noticeably so - maybe 10-15%? I
think more important is that probably LO and Excel use tools to improve
programmer efficiency - which not necessarily means efficiency for the
user! And I think really noticeable differences appear from the graphics
(screen) management.

What is it that makes Gnumeric so good for crunching numbers? Was it 
designed to be that way?

From what I read, the main concern of Gnumeric design was Excel

Though I have tried a few times to use the Libreoffice spreadsheet, little
annoyances always make me come back to Gnumeric. Kudos for the team!


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