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Thank you - that is very useful.

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I know nothing about the inner workings of ssconvert but have a lot
of experience using many different spreadsheet programs and trying to
move files across platforms and OSs.  My guess is that it is common
for the width of a column that is set to match the widest entry to be
stored as a constant rather than a function.  For example, I just
checked Gnumeric by entering some data in a column and then setting
the width to automatically fit.  It worked, but then when I entered a
longer string into that column the column did not auto-adjust.

The relevance to your situation is that I am guessing that the issue
is not that ssconvert fails to bring in the info that this column's
width is automatic; I am guessing that information is not in the
source file to begin with.  So this feature might require manual
intervention to tell ssconvert which columns should be auto-width, and
width matching code inside ssconvert..

I have never had problems with the auto-width function not working as
long as I do not enter cells that are wider than expected nor try to
move the file elsewhere.  When moving, a commmon problem is that the
two machines have different fonts installed, and the substitute font
may take up more room.  To handle this ssconvert would have to know
what fonts are installed on the target platform.

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I've been using ssconvert a lot recently, and it really is excellent!

The main problem that I've been having has been column widths. Various
spreadsheet programs say they make the columns as wide as the widest
entry (which would be fine), but they clearly don't.

Is there a way to get ssconvert to set the column width? Either to the
maximum size or to any size.

I've been using MacoS Numbers and LibreOffice Calc.
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